Premium hydrogen SUV

The NamX Concept Hydrogen SUV

As a new car manufacturer on the market, NamX aims to bring new perspectives to the automotive world. X for exploration, X for experience.

Our innovative concept aims to make green hydrogen accessible everywhere. Not only because it represents an undeniable alternative to fossil fuel vehicles, but above all because it is currently the cleanest solution available to the automotive sector.

Our goal is to build a Pr hydrogen car that overcomes the problems faced by the electric car. Fast and easy charging (less than 4 minutes), significantly increased road range, and the cleanest possible carbon footprint are our priorities. And they have all become reality with the hydrogen SUV.

The First Premium Hydrogen SUV

The term SUV has become increasingly common in recent years, for the simple reason that it has achieved a record market share of 50% in Europe. In other words, the SUV represents one in two sales on the continent. And it is becoming increasingly popular, promising great prospects for manufacturers! SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle.

This range of cars is characterised by high ground clearance, large size and great comfort. Sales of this type of vehicles have increased significantly, notably because of the wide selection of electric products on offer – which reveals the general desire on the part of the public to opt for greener mobility solutions. That is why we, at NamX, decided to create a pioneering concept: the HUV.

Together with the renowned car designer Pininfarina, we have taken the basics of a classic SUV with raw, modern curves. But we went one step further and came up with a revolutionary concept: the hydrogen-powered SUV. We therefore took advantage of the large size of this type of vehicle to make a HUV combining a fixed tank with removable capsule packs. Our model has a series of 6 hydrogen capsules in the back of the car to achieve a range of 800 kilometres. The first hydrogen-powered SUV is called NamX and ranks among the most innovative car designs.

Frist premium hydrogen SUV

The NamX Concept
The Future of the Hydrogen Car

Although we are now conscious of the environmental challenges we face, there is still a long way to go. We are all aware of the opportunity that electric vehicles offer to make the automotive sector cleaner. Using them does not emit any harmful gases, which is a considerable advantage in the fight against global warming. However, the idea of the electric car as the car of the future is still hotly debated. Indeed, the battery design is estimated to account for 45% of the carbon footprint of manufacturing the vehicle. Although its total footprint is smaller than that of a diesel or petrol car, the drive to build totally clean vehicles continues to grow. Designers are therefore seeking to innovate in order to minimise their impact. At a time when the production of electric vehicles is widely debated, we are launching NamX, a new model of hydrogen car. Because we believe in change and innovation! Our model is an electric car, so it does not emit any CO2 when in use.

Similarly, we use fuel cells to replace batteries, which consume far too much energy and perform poorly over time. We see our concept as a step towards the future of the hydrogen car, above all because we know that this type of vehicle is currently not accessible enough. Since the number of hydrogen stations remains low in France and around the world, we have created the CapX hydrogen capsules, by which we aim to revolutionise vehicle fuelling. Each capsule gives the vehicle a range of up to 800 km. It will be possible to recharge these capsules at hydrogen filling stations, have them delivered, or find them in CapXtores. We want to make hydrogen accessible everywhere, all the time and for everyone, wherever they live!

NamX Hydrogen SUV
NamX Hydrogen Capsule

The Premium Hydrogen Car

For five years, the NamX teams have been working on the Premium hydrogen car concept. Starting from nothing, we have developed a project based on our convictions, our values, but also our passion. We like to keep moving, and we know that the automotive industry cannot continue to evolve in the same way as it did a few decades ago. We are facing new environmental challenges that no longer allow us to simply design new thermal cars. From the outset, we wanted to facilitate mobility while making it greener. To achieve this, we have surrounded ourselves with great names in the automotive field, such as Pininfarina.

We know that our HUV is more than just a design. So together we put innovation at the heart of the project. A whole new creative approach was born. Its design is futuristic and raw, yet conveys infinite mobility. The integration of the capsules at the rear of the vehicle provides a certain amount of elevation, optimising the vehicle’s power. Alongside our endless passion for cars and design, we like to surround ourselves with the best talent. France is one of the pioneer nations of the automotive industry, and our ambition is to keep it that way. We have called on the best industrial and technical partners in France and the Middle East to create a car with roots around the Mediterranean.